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Home Deck Repair in San Antonio, TX

Do you have a damaged or decaying deck at your home in San Antonio? Wood deck repair work should be left to experienced professionals that have the tools and materials to do the job right. All Day Maintenance Services offers reliable solutions for those in need of home deck repair in San Antonio, TX. We also provide deck staining and resurfacing for customers located in and around Schertz, Pleasanton, Fredericksburg, and Pearsall, Texas.

Signs You Need House Deck Repair

You love your outdoor deck. Few things are more enjoyable than sitting outside on a beautiful day, and your deck gives you a comfortable place to do exactly that. However, when your deck is old or has structural damage, the surface becomes unstable and may be at risk of collapsing. To make sure you receive house deck repair before your deck becomes unsafe, keep an eye out for these common problems:

» Deck Fasteners—The nails and screws that keep your deck together are integral to the overall structural integrity. If these fasteners are loose, missing, or corroded, you should immediately seek help from our deck repair experts.

» Moss and Mold Growth—If your deck shows signs of discoloration, it probably has moss or mold growth. Cleaning your deck on a regular basis can help prevent this from happening; however, if your deck already suffers from mold or moss growth, you need our home deck repair services.

» Decayed Wooden Planks—Outdoor decks face exposure to rain and other types of inclement weather. Eventually, moisture will seep into the wood and cause it to rot. To see if your deck has decayed or rotted wood, poke the surface with a screwdriver. If the wood feels soft or spongy, it means it needs to be replaced.

» Loose Railings and Stairs—You expect your deck railings and stairs to help you balance and support your weight. If the stairs and railings are loose or decayed, they can collapse when you least expect it and cause serious injury. Carefully inspect these deck components on a regular basis. You can also ask our experts to perform a thorough deck inspection.

Deck Repairs in San Antonio, TX

San Antonio Wood Deck Repair, Staining, and Resurfacing

Keep your deck in perfect condition with the help of our home deck repair professionals. We offer everything from handrail and step repairs to deck flooring repair services. We can also stain the wood so it does not suffer from water damage, or resurface your deck to make it look like new.

Deck resurfacing is a cost-effective alternative to replacing all the wood. We first clean the surface of the deck and repair the damaged areas. Next, we sand down the entire deck to make the wood smooth and even. Finally, we apply a protective coating in the color of your choice to rejuvenate the deck's appearance. You will have an entire like-new deck once we finish resurfacing your deck.
Contact us today to schedule an appointment for deck resurfacing or repairs. We proudly serve San Antonio, Schertz, Pleasanton, Fredericksburg, and Pearsall, Texas, and the surrounding areas.